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27 March 2024

A passionate AI enthusiast with a strong foundation in both machine learning and deep learning technologies. Co-founder of apeelingai.

You need a chatbot on your website. You are ready to boost revenues, get your customers the 24/7 support they deserve, and you want to have a massive boost in leads. Read no further and let me help you make the best chatbot in the world.

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Still Need Convincing?

Still need to be convinced about the power of a chatbot? I have written an article about this which explains the advantages of a chatbot in great detail. Read all about boosting revenue, boosting website leads, improving SEO, and automating customer support by following this link: advantages of a chatbot (and why you should get one)

Chatbot Online in 5 Minutes

You need a chatbot and you want it fast. I recommend contacting us and letting us help in the entire setup. This is the fastest way and makes sure that all settings are correctly set for optimal performance. We have the best prompts that are proven in the field at our customers.

If you are a technical wizzkid and want to create your own, using your own OpenAI API key, then feel free to contact us and we will get you an account on

Customize Your Chatbot and See the Results in Real Time

Our chatbots are always permanently placed on your website, which means you can edit and alter the chatbot and see the results in real-time on your website. Do you want to test more before altering your live-chatbot? Then we just duplicate it and you can test everything in a closed-off environment on our universe. Ready to go live, then we easily deploy the chatbot just as easy as the first deployment.

apeelingai chatting online

Free Chatbot Testing for 30 Days, Competitive Prices

You get 30 days of testing for free, this includes having the chatbot live on your website. After 30 days we reconvene and you can buy the chatbot with our competitive prices which are also visible here (

A/B Testing with Chatbots, Providing Analysis Tools in Our Dashboard

To optimize for SEO and to properly test the implementations on your website, A/B testing is crucial. With our platform, you are able to do just that, and with ease. Create and duplicate chatbots in minutes, make slight changes and test the outcomes live on your website. Small changes could lead to more leads. In a use case we tested, it seemed that a bit more straightforward chatbot led to a 30% increase in leads. This meant much more revenues for our customer, for a change that was implemented in less than 10 minutes.

apeelingai chatting online

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