Welcome to our live demo

- feel free to start asking questions right away

This chatbot has been automatically trained on a dataset for the apeelingai website. Ask any question and see how our very own sales representative works! The chatbot is automatically updated every day.

Remember, any data that you have can be added. Whether that is cars, phones, consulting services, purely company information, everything. Adjust your sales representative on many factors:

  1. 1. Target your audience with a way of talking and interacting with customers
      - (e.g. street language or posh talk)
  2. 2. Generate leads specifically for your company
      - (e.g. more aggressive sales, or passive and friendly)
  3. 3. Talk to your customers in their language
      - (e.g. we support all languages, but can also set it so specific languages)
  4. 4. Extract lead information, so you can contact them
      - (e.g. phone number, email, full name)
  5. 5. Change the look and feel
      - (e.g. appearance, welcome message, colours, name, logo)
  6. 6. Any GPT prompt engineering
      - (e.g. for more advanced machine learning techniques)

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