Chatbot Advantages (And Why You Should Get One)

20 March 2024

A passionate AI enthusiast with a strong foundation in both machine learning and deep learning technologies. Co-founder of apeelingai.

Your website needs to pick up the slack, why is it not generating enough leads and why are the SEO results not coming in? This is a problem for many websites (including ours) but something we can fix together. Curious to know how, let’s discover how integrating low-cost chatbots on your website can help. Boosting your SEO results and increasing revenue.

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Boost your website leads

A chatbot can boost website leads through making communication easier and have a lower threshold. The prospects that land on your website have a certain percentage of bounce rate, which is how many immediately go away from your website, but also how long they stick around. Prospects that have questions that are not immediately answered tend to bounce from your website. A chatbot can help with this, explaining to customers what the website is about and answering their questions. Giving 24/7 support.

Boost your website SEO

Boosting your SEO is the most difficult thing to do, it is a process that is not explained in detail and something that does not give immediate results. It is like Simon Sinek said about fitness. When you start working out and you check your results after the first workout, you will see no differences. After the second workout, no difference. After the first week, no difference. It is like it is not working, right? But even though you see no results, I (Simon Sinek) will promise you that it is working. Even though you are unable to see it right now.

The same happens in SEO, it is a long journey and one that will only help if you stick to it. A chatbot can help in this, boosting the traffic and visiting time a prospect will have on your website. Reducing bounce rates.

Boost your revenue

If you want a direct and sure way of boosting your revenue, a chatbot from apeelingai can help. Let me explain how.

Why a chatbot?

One of our customers called Kopper Automotive had a chatbot which gathered leads for the company. This chatbot was run by actual humans. But it lacked emotion and made many grammar mistakes. When he transitioned to a chatbot from apeelingai, the amount of leads he normally would get skyrocketed with an increase of almost 600%. Now this is a cherry-picked example. But we promise an increase in leads and an increase in revenue that follows.

Reduce your support workload

Apart from boosting revenue, improving SEO and other chatbot advantages. One of the key advantages of having a chatbot is simply reducing your support workload. Which means you can focus more on the things that matter for your company. This does not mean you will ignore all your customers, of course not, for specific problems you still must help your customers! Because during those fixes you will also learn a lot about your customers. But imagine all the repetitive questions you can have automated by a chatbot, ‘how can I return my package’, ‘I have opened my package, can I still return it’, ‘how do I get in contact with you’, ‘when is your store opened’, ‘what is your phone number, I cannot find it on the website’, and we can go on forever. Simple questions that customers have, they need to be answered fast and you do not want to spend your precious time on this.

Get automatic leads in your mailbox

Last but not least, we transfer all leads directly to your mailbox within seconds. Curious to see what this looks like? Just check the image below. Worried about privacy? We handle everything very seriously and you can read all about this in our privacy policy.

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