Why a chatbot?

10 March 2024

A passionate AI enthusiast with a strong foundation in both machine learning and deep learning technologies. Co-founder of apeelingai.

Why should my website or my company use a chatbot? Especially when it uses AI and we all know AI can make mistakes. So why do we at apeelingai think that chatbots can be great for all companies?
Let me explain.

Why a chatbot?

Understanding Generative AI

First things first, let's understand what generative AI is. In simple terms, generative AI refers to a type of artificial intelligence that can generate new content, whether that’s text, images, or even code, based on the training it has received. This technology is not just a futuristic concept; it's here, and it's increasingly accessible.

So how can it benefit your business?

Imagine having a tool that can assist you in customer service, answering some of the repetitive questions you get online. A tool that can extract lead information like name and phone number. A tool that starts at 49 euro's/dollars per month that frees up your time.

Not convinced, it can also do more complex functions, let me give an example. For a customer we had to calculate lease prices, we solved this with our chatbot in combination with advanced functions. This meant that the lease calculator could be used directly in chat!


Is it the right time to invest?

Am I Ready to Invest?

The big question - should you invest in generative AI now? The answer is yes. But that is too easily answered.

We can provide your company and website with a free trial in our apeelingai universe. Here you can test and alter the chatbot very easily. We will create the first version and after you have tested it we will alter it for free. Then you can still test it for a month on your website! Personlized and everything. There is a maximum of 50 chats for the free trial. We define a chat by a conversation from start to end. But those could be 50 happy customers that are helped.

We're here to help you navigate this exciting technological landscape! Check out more information on our mainpage right here. Or get a chatbot by following this: