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10 April 2024

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It’s the digital age 3.0? 4.0? I don’t even know anymore. Businesses are constantly competing for innovative ways to elevate their online presence. We have a solution that will freely boost your website and do much more. This story highlights the transformative journey of Kopper Automotive, a renowned dealer in premium secondhand cars, and how apeelingai's chatbot provided them with a monumental website boost—all through a free trial.

The Challenge:

Kopper Automotive stood at a digital choice, seeking a solution to enhance their online customer interaction and streamline lead generation without adding to their overhead. Other companies use textbots like Crisp, but this costs a significant amount of time. Getting the app out, answering in time before the customer leaves, switching your focus in the meantime. The goal was clear: to engage potential buyers in meaningful conversations, guiding them through the complexities of purchasing premium secondhand vehicles, and to do so efficiently and effectively.

The apeelingai Solution:

Enter apeelingai, a chatbot and sales representative designed to supercharge website interaction and customer service. Offering a free trial to businesses curious about the potential of AI-driven chatbots, apeelingai presented Kopper Automotive with an opportunity to experience firsthand the benefits of integrating AI technology into their website.

apeelingai secured a new lead

Implementation and Customization:

Within 30 minutes, apeelingai's chatbot was seamlessly integrated into Kopper Automotive's website, fully customized to align with their brand identity, including color schemes and language preferences. The chatbot was programmed to understand and engage with the specific needs of premium secondhand car buyers, using apeelingai's dynamic memory and file memory.

Results and Impact:

The results were great. The chatbot, giving immediate answers to customers, transformed the online buying experience. Leads generated through the website soared by 600% in the first month, as potential customers felt more informed. The chatbot's 24/7 availability ensured that Kopper Automotive never missed an opportunity to connect with a lead, significantly boosting their sales.

Why a chatbot?

Beyond the Free Trial:

The success story of Kopper Automotive serves as a testament to the power of apeelingai's chatbot technology. What began as a free trial evolved into a long-term partnership, with Kopper Automotive leveraging the full suite of features offered by apeelingai. Check the lowest prices in the market right here.


The case of Kopper Automotive illustrates the profound impact that apeelingai's chatbot can have on a business's online engagement. Get your free trial right now. Let us provide immediate value. We invite businesses to experience the future of customer interaction. For companies looking to boost their website's performance and elevate their customer service, get in contact.

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